Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered Nintendo Switch Port Sucks Drops Down To 20 FPS

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  • Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered On Switch Sucks Drops Down To 20 FPS
  • Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered Switch Version Runs At 20 FPS

Since the Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered for consoles, switch version keeps giving the users irritation.

The  takes a step back from the improved visuals featured on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It doesn’t seem to be able to offer anything substantial for a visual upgrade and to top it off, the performance is just abysmal where it doesn’t even hit 30 FPS for the majority of the gameplay.

ContralNetwork has shared a frame rate analysis of Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered showing the performance in both docked and handheld mode. The worst parts of the game are when the frame rate continues to average between 30 and 20 FPS when roaming in the open world.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Hits The Nintendo Switch This Month With Exclusive Co-op Mode

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  • Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Hits The Nintendo Switch This Month With Exclusive Co-op Mode
  • Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Nintendo Switch Port 

Over weeks we been seeing rumors around claimed that the award winning adventure game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

And this week the rumors turns out to be true, the Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons is heading to the switch next week, so close right? Hugely popular amongst critics and players alike on other platforms - it's been on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, and more in the past - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has you guiding two brothers on a fairytale journey. 

Up until now, the game had you controlling both characters with just one controller (other versions would have you moving one brother on each control stick) but this is all about to change.

On Switch, an all-new and exclusive co-op mode will be available. This new mode will let you team up with a friend to explore the heartfelt story together. Whichever mode you choose, expect to find pretty locations, emotional sequences, and the occasional harrowing boss. Are you ready to explore in the astonish adventure? The Switch port will also come with exclusive bonus content, including a behind-the-scenes commentary from director Josef Fares and a concept art gallery. The game will be only in digital will cost a whopping $14.99 and anyone who pre-orders the game on the eShop will get a 10% discount.

Could It Be True Nintendo Wants To Work With Microsoft For Cloud Streaming Service?

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  • Nintendo Wants To Work With Microsoft For Cloud Streaming Service
  • Nintendo To Work With Microsoft For Cloud Streaming Service

After we saw a shocked message from Sony and Microsoft on a collaboration to jointly develop cloud streaming technology for video games.

David Gibson, a long time industry analyst, has reported that Nintendo is also looking into working with Microsoft to develop a cloud streaming service for their platforms, which we assume to be Nintendo Switch. The service is said to be powered by Microsoft Azure.

Furthermore..he said, the service will be limited to a few regions such as Japan and the United States. Take this news with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made.

A New Leak Finally Hints The Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Version

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  • A New Leak Finally Hints The Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming To PC Soon
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Version Leaked

The Rockstar Wild West open world perhaps is about making it's way to PC. 

Over Months now we keep seeing leaks and rumors claiming that the one of the  most anticipated 2018 game (RDR2) is heading straight to PC. A former physics programmer from Rockstar Toronto mentions a PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 on LinkedIn. Could it be an oversight, or a sign that a PC version exists already?

Nan Ma worked at Rockstar for six years and five months and his profile also lists credits for Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5. Now he's the CEO and founder of a VR studio called Future Immersive.

Next Assassin's Creed Title & Release Date Leaked And To Be A Cross - Platform Game

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  • Assassin's Creed Ragnarok Leaked Coming 2020 And To Be A Cross-Platform Game
  • Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Ragnarok 

It's obvious that we won't be getting any Assassin's Creed game this year.

A new leak has revealed that Assassin's Creed is coming in 2020, codenamed "Ragnarok" and will be a cross-platform game between the current gen and next gen consoles.

The leak states that the game will be set across Europe, plus settlements in Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Will focus on a mostly Viking population and setting. See more details below..

Assassin’s Creed (codenamed) Kingdom planned to come cross gen 2020.

• Actual name is Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok.

• Main character is ally of Ragnar Lodbrok and aids in the formation of Great Heathen Army.

• Map is split into several kingdoms encompassing all of Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

• Kingdoms are split into regions that can hold settlements.

• Settlements have some customization and in game economy systems.

• Large scale “conquest” battles return, and can be used to weaken enemy hold on regions and parts of the story.

• Player does become an assassin and use hidden blade.

• First Civ lore is a bit less than Odyssey, finding a vault and Mjolnir.

• Game is developed primarily by Ubisoft Montreal.

• Creative Director is Ashraf, Darby McDevvit is the Narrative Director.

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• Sofia is assisting but is planning on creating a DLC set in Iceland and using Yggdrasil to move across the 9 realms.

• Co-op is returning, and can be used in most side quests and world exploration.

• RPG mechanics, eagle, and ship combat is all returning.

• Ship combat is toned down to focus more on exploration.

• Game is more focused on exploration, removing question marks on the map, and making players want to explore locations for better loot.

• Larger emphasis on build and armor usage.

• Player has ability to change outfits on the fly, which can speed up or slow down notoriety build up in different kingdoms and stop Sheriffs coming after you.

Another Lawsuit Hits The Fortnite Creator Over Saxophone Emote

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  • Another Lawsuit Hits The Fortnite Creator Over Saxophone Emote
  • The Fortnite Creator Faces Lawsuit Saxophone Emote 

Another lawsuit hits Fortnite game, the strange lawsuit major points at an emote where players dance around while playing a saxophone. As we have seen, Epic Games has been sued before by various rappers over their dance moves, this time around a famous saxophone player named Leo Pellegrino. He claims Epic Games used his likeness without his approval.

According to The Verge, the lawsuit Pellegrino and the Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP law firm are pursuing and stated the legal action partain with "Phone It In" emote. Some folks might be wondering who Pellegrino is, he is the saxophone player for the group Too Many Zooz and the video below will explain who he is as well.

According to The Verge comment, the law firm said Pellegrino uses “outward pointing feet” when playing the saxophone and that the performer is “duck-footed” which leads to the unique shows Pellegrino puts on. Have a look at another video below and If you think they’re similar, you aren’t alone, we thought the same.

Pellegrino isn’t the first to pursue legal action against Epic Games over in-game emotes and dances.

A Report Stated That: Xbox Anaconda Will Be More Powerful Than PS5

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  • Xbox Anaconda Will Be More Powerful Than PS5
  • Next-gen Comparison Most Powerful Xbox Or PS5?

The next-gen consoles is going to be an awe devices on is own, and with Sony revealing their next-gen console hardware specs recently, while we haven't heard from Microsoft. 

Now rumors suggest that the next-generation Xbox console is aiming to be a better performing device than the PS5. First shared by journalist Ainsley Bowden, he revealed that Xbox “Anaconda” will be more advanced than the PS5. He cited inside sources as giving him this information.

The news made it to ResetERA, Klobrille, who has been a source of leaks in the past, chimed in with his own sources and when asked for proof from one of the moderators on ResetERA, he had pretty convincing evidence regarding this rumor.

While we don’t know the exact details on how Microsoft will make Xbox “Anaconda” offer better hardware than the PS5, Klobrille clarified that the wording is clear. Xbox “Anaconda” will aim to be the ” better performing device.”

According To A Report Nintendo Switch Pro & Lite Version Might Get USB-PD Port

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  • According To A Report Nintendo Switch Pro & Lite Version Will Support USB-PD Port
  • Nintendo Switch Pro & Lite Version USB-PD

As the day goes, more interesting news comes up, concerning the upcoming Nintendo Switch models coming in 2019.

Nintendo has put up a job listing looking for a power supply designer with expertise in USB-PD (USB Power Delivery). What makes this job listing so interesting is the fact Nintendo is looking for someone with experience with USB-PD, as the company has never released any device that supports USB-PD.

Currently, the Nintendo Switch supports USB-C, which allows the Switch to transfer information at a fast speed. With USB-PD, devices will be able to charge faster and the data transfer rate will increase.

So this job listing hints Nintendo Switch Pro and Switch Lite devices might support USB-PD,  probably these are the consoles nintendo will be releasing soon.

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A Report Stated That Another Nintendo Direct Is Coming In April 2019

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  • A Report Stated That Another Nintendo Direct Is Coming In April 2019
  • Is Nintendo Direct Coming Next Month?

It all started with the  announcement that shows up early this year that stated the direct will come in January but turns out to be fake

Finally the Direct was aired in February. A rumor stated that the next direct is round the corner, sooner than we expected.

Sabi, who previously reported on various Persona rumors, claims that the Spring 2019 Nintendo Direct will be aired in April 2019. Sabi says this information comes from the same source that told them about the Pokemon Sword and Shield starter reveal on February 27. However, it’s important to keep in mind the information comes from the source that has heard from another brand ambassador.

As usual take all rumors with a grain of salt. For now we’ll have to wait and see what happens next. It wouldn’t be unusual to see a Nintendo Direct in April, as we don’t know much about Nintendo’s upcoming games coming this summer.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Pays Tribute To Super Mario Bros.

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  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Pays Tribute To Super Mario Bros.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man showing off with Super Mario Bros. reference? Is that a joke? Probably is not but kind of anyway.

As seen in Nintendolife the classic level design of the Super Mario. Bros series has been referenced in the latest issue of Marvel's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man comic series. The nod to the games appears in 4th issue - have a look at it in the image below.

Do you have anything to add? Use the comments below.

Pokémon Go (Gramps) Gamer Becomes A Mobile Phone Spokesperson

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  • Pokemon Go (Gramps) Gamer Becomes A Mobile Phone Spokesperson
  • Pokemon Go Grandpa Becomes Smartphone Spokesman

The Pokemon Go Grandpa player (Taiwan’s Chen San-yuan) who went viral last year with his bicycle contraption to which nine phones were affixed so he could play Pokémon Go around Taipei.

Right now, he has more phones and a new gig: ambassador for Asus ZenFone smartphones. According to Apple Daily recently reports, Chen now has a whopping twenty-two smartphones rigged up to his bicycle. Have a look at it all on a tweet below. Note: the below image shows when Chen still only had 21 smartphones on his bike.
Weeks ago, Chen appeared at an Asus press conference. Probably his kind of a local celebrity in Taiwan, so seeming on the streets of Taipei, using ZenFone Max Pro phones lets the company show off the battery life and GPS capabilities of his phones.
Grandpa Chen is really catching a whole bunch of Pocket Monsters right infront of his bike.

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Rumor: Monster Hunter For Nintendo Switch Will Arrive In 2020 According To King Zell

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  • Rumor: Monster Hunter For Nintendo Switch Will Arrive In 2020 According To King Zell
  • Monster Hunter 2020 Nintendo Switch Launch

King Zell a prominent leaker who hinted multiple third party AAA titles for Switch, hints that a new Monster Hunter title will be revealed in March 2019.

This has been a talk of the town on various Japanese message boards. This ties into King Zell’s latest comments on ResetERA and something Capcom put out recently. He said, one of the games that’s about to be revealed later this month was “hinted but not fully revealed”. He claimed that this game is scheduled to release in Winter 2019 or Q1 2020.

“Just to be clear, one of the games that i was talking about being revealed in March got hinted and not fully revealed. I think its a winter 2019/ Q1 2020 game so it should be fully revealed on a later date”

This month, Capcom celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Monster Hunter franchise. On the official 15th anniversary website, there was a message card from the game’s developers, and it contained a secret hint – the word “NEXT”.

Folks believes that the follow up to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, or Monster Hunter XX in Japan, would be called Monster Hunter NX or Monster Hunter NEXT. Also keep in mind that NX was the codename for Nintendo Switch. Take this with a grain of salt until Capcom officially announces the next Monster Hunter entry, till then, but now is a rumor.


Man Sentence 30 Years In Prison After Shooting A Pokemon Go Player

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  • Man Receives 30 Years Prison Sentence After Shooting An Elderly Pokemon Go Player
  • Pokemon Go Player Shot Dead

A 60 year old man called Jiansheng Chen was fatally shot on January 26th 2017. When he was playing Pokemon Go near a community club house (which was a Pokemon gym).

Jiansheng Chen, started to play Pokemon Go to get a better bond with his nephew but then gradually starting to take a liking to the game and would play it in his spare time after work.

He got shot around 11pm, he was playing the game when a 21 year old security guard named (Johnathan Cromwell) confronted him about trespassing on the property after hours.

Jiansheng Chen then went in his car to leave and as he was reversing his car he was unfortunately fatally shot 10 times by Cromwell.

Johnathan Cromwell was later put on trial for second degree murder with his trial just last week resulting in him being rightfully sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Such a sad news, we all in Lifegrim sends our condolences to the family and friends of late Jiansheng Chen.


Sony Unveiles 7 New PS4 Games From Chinese Developers

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  • Sony Unveiles 7 New PS4 Games From Chinese Developers
  • Sony Seven New Games From Chinese Developers

Sony has revealed seven new games, including some pretty promising ones.

Sony promised to bring in Seven new games and right now they've fulfilled their promise. Without exaggerating more let's go on with list of seven games revealed.


AI-Limit is pitched as a hardcore action role-playing game from Palm Pioneer’s Sense Games studio. In it, players take control of heroine Arrisa, who, relying on her abilities, will need to thwart a force that threatens the future of the world.
Developer: Palm Pioneer's Sense Games

ANNO: Mutantionem:

ANNO: Mutantionem is described as a hardcore action game that blends cyberpunk elements with a pixel art style. It is in development under ThinkingStars, a team comprised of industry veterans and young new talent.
Developer: ThinkingStars


F.I.S.T comes way of Ancient Amulator VR developer TiGames, and is a metroidvania game where players play as a rabbit who can manipulate his big mech-arm for devastating attacks and explore a vivid diesel-punk world taken over by an evil robot army.
Developer: TiGames

In Nightmare (Working Title):
In Nigthmare is pitched as a dark fairytale of exploring growing pains and self-salvation. In it, players will wander through a mysterious dream world where the rules of reality don't hold.
Developer: Magicfish Studios


Evotinction is a third-person stealth game, that according to its developer -- which is comprised of former 2K China developers -- features unique hacking mechanics.  Set in the near future, Evotinction aims to discuss the relationship between evolution and extinction. As technology rapidly develops, its potential threat grows as well.
Developer: Spikewave Games

RAN: Lost Lands:

RAN: Lost Lands is pitched as a 17th century large scale multiplayer online competitive game that is set during an era where the world began to merge and connect.
Developer: Jolly Roger


Convallaria is an online game with both PvP and PvE elements that basically looks like the Chinese version of Anthem, Destiny, and other popular online games in the west.
Developer: Loong Force

Activision Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick And EA’s Andrew Wilson Added In The List Of 100 Most Overpaid CEOs

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  • Activision Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick And EA’s Andrew Wilson Added In The List Of 100 Most Overpaid CEOs
  • Kotick & Wilson Appears In The List Of 100 Most Overpaid CEOs

As You Sow dedicated to promoting corporate accountability, has published its annual list of top 100 “Most Overpaid CEOs,” which includes Activision Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick and Electronic Arts’ Andrew Wilson.
As You Sow has been publishing this report since 2015, taking a number of factors into consideration when populating the list. As part of its methodology, the organization looks at excess CEO pay in relation to total shareholder return, shareholders’ votes against CEO compensation packages, median employee pay, and more. You can find a detailed write up on the methodology on As You Sow’s website but to cut to the chase, Kotick appears at no. 45 and Wilson appears at no. 98.

Looking at the figures closely, Kotick is paid $28,698,375 – an excess of $12,835,277 by As You Sow’s calculations. The ratio of Kotick’s pay to median worker pay at Activision Blizzard is 306:1. Interestingly, Kotick’s compensation package received 92 percent approval votes.

Wilson earns $35,728,764 per annum – an excess of $19,673,861 per As You Sow’s calculations. The CEO to worker pay ratio at EA is 371:1, with Wilson’s pay receiving 97 percent approval votes.

The report reveals that an increasing amount of shareholders are now opposing extortionate compensation packages but CEO pays continue to increase overall.

Opposition to high CEO pay has risen, and more companies have seen their CEO pay packages receive less and less support from their shareholders,” note!. “European funds and U.S. public pension funds have made their opposition to a broken system clear.

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