Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals: US Teen Walks Away With $3 Million Prize

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  • Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals: US Teen Walks Away With $3 Million Prize
  • Fortnite $3 Million World Cup Winner

America Kyle Giersdorf, alias "Bugha," became the first Fortnite world champion in the solo division, winning $3 million at age 16 on Sunday.

Originally from Pennsylvania, the young gamer took the lead in the first of six games and never looked back.

It's insane," the young millionaire said after the final, during which he scored almost double the points of his closest opponent (59 to 33).

Aside from the second of six games, Bugha was remarkably consistent despite playing in the first world cup final, with millions of dollars on the line, in the Arthur Ashe stadium, where the US Open tennis tournament takes place.
This morning he was confident, energetic, having fun to make sure he wasn't stressed at all," his best friend Colin Bradley told AFP after the final.

In the game, users are dropped onto an island where they must search for weapons and other resources while eliminating other players all while trying to stay alive.

A sense of placement, a talent for building, brilliance in close combat and rock solid self-control, Bugha had it all in the final.

"He's one of the smartest players. He knows when to attack, when not to attack, to stay high ground. He's a strategic player," Bradley said.

Release Date Of Last Of Us Part 2 Revealed (May 22. 2020) Here Are More Details

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  • Release Date Of Last Of Us Part 2 Revealed May 22. 2020
  • Last Of Us Part 2 Release Date May 22. 2020

We been waiting for Naughty Dog reveal the official release date of the Last Of Us Part 2, meanwhile a lot rumors keeps coming hinting early 2020 release.

It appeared on the pages of 4chan and Reddit, what seems to be two fairly substantial leaks from a recent meeting between Sony and Naughty Dog. The first concerning The Last of Us Part 2. And more precisely what appears to be his official release date (May 22. 2020).

And the second, which seems to be more curious, is the leak of the new IP by Naughty Dog. (which seems to be, an action game in first person) from the code name "Stray's cross".

Source: GamingLeakersAndRumors

Take a Look At Nintendo Switch ChinaJoy Booth

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  • Take a Look At Nintendo Switch ChinaJoy Booth
  • Nintendo Switch ChinaJoy Booth

Finally, Tencent has blowout the first photo of their booth at ChinaJoy 2019, a video game convention scheduled to start on August 2, 2019 in mainland China.

This year’s booth will feature a Nintendo Switch section, it allows users to try out The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee, Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Without exaggerating more have a look at the 3D model of the booth below.

According to the report from August 2nd to August 5th, 2019, the 17th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ChinaJoy2019) will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Source: ChineseNintendo

GTA Online’s Diamond Casino DLC update Available now To Download Here's The Full Patch Notes

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  • GTA Online’s Diamond Casino DLC update 3.5GB available now To Download
  • GTA Online's Diamond Casino DLC
  • GTA V Update Version 1.31 Full Patch Notes 1.47 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

GTA Online adds in diamond Casino DLC we been talking about since June, is finally here. The space, called Diamond Casino & Resort, will be located in the heart of Los Santos and will be the “largest mass entertainment complex” in GTA Online.
If you’re a GTA Online doyen, then this might sound familiar. All DLC usually starts with downtime at around 10AM UK time; that’s 11AM CEST, 5AM Eastern, and 2AM Pacific. The update is now ready for download, and the download size is about 3.5GB on console. The Steam and PC updates are little smaller, they're all available to download. 

The massive construction project on the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard is nearing completion, radically changing the skyline of Los Santos forever,” says the press release. “When the brand-new Diamond Casino & Resort opens its doors, one and all are welcome inside to play, or just to stay in the most luxurious residence in the entire state. 

Where Can I Find The Diamond Casino in GTA Online.
As the Rockstar announcement said, you’ll find the Diamond Casino at the intersection of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard. This is up in the northeast corner of Los Santos, on the right of Vinewood and above the main section of Mirror Park. Meanwhile see the GTA Online's new update full patch notes below.

GTA V Update Version 1.31 Full Patch Notes 1.47 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

  • With something for everyone, The Diamond Casino & Resort features lavish amenities, exclusive shopping, first-class entertainment and state-of-the-art gaming facilities.
  • The casino floor has a selection of table games and activities to enjoy. Play against the house using Chips in Three Card Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. Slot Machines with a variety of prizes are also at your fingertips, while Inside Track offers a lounge to watch and cheer along with friends as the drama of virtual horse racing unfolds.
  • Spin the Lucky Wheel in the lobby for chips, cash, and clothing or even new high-end vehicles that can be won.
  • Guests looking to push the limits of high-end resort fashion can also choose from the carefully curated rotation of new clothing and accessories in the Casino Store.

  • The Master Penthouse sits beside the Roof Terrace atop The Diamond Casino & Resort, and comes with an infinity pool and stunning views.
  • It entitles the owner to VIP Membership status including access to VIP Lounges, High-Limit tables, plus a range of special services via the Penthouse phone including aircraft and limousine services and more.
  • You can renovate your residence with several upgradeable floorplans including a private Spa, a Bar and Party area, a Media Room and a Parking Garage for 10 cars.
  • You can also select the Penthouse’s color palette and patterns, and decorate the place with a range of modern art from the Casino Store
  • With a Master Penthouse you’ll also become a member of The Diamond family. Help property owner Tao Cheng and The Diamond staff protect their investment in a series of all new co-operative Missions.

Keep in mind this is not the full patch notes. We'll update fulll patch notes when Rockstar Games updates the support website. These include any bug fixes and changes make.

Rockstar Games: Red Dead Redemption Remake Version In Development Now

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  • Rockstar Games: Red Dead Redemption Remake Version In Development Now
  • According to a Report: Red Dead Redemption Remake In Development At Rockstar Games

While PC gamers are waiting for the Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version coming they way any moment after surfacing at Rockstar Games Social Club Website giving us hope that is finally coming to PC.

Now a  rumor just popped up claiming that Rockstar Games is currently working on a remake of Red Dead Redemption that will come out late 2020 or early 2021, which presumably suggests it's in development for both PS4, Xbox One and Next-Gen consoles, maybe this time.., PC won't be left behind.
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The rumor also says that Rob Wiethoff the voice of John Marston has come back to record new lines of dialogue to help connect the two stories, in other words, lines that reference Arthur and the events of the first game. 
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It's unclear if other actors will be brought back, but you'd assume if they brought back Wiethoff, they'd bring back others as well. Apparently, the remake was supposed to release on the game's 10-year anniversary, which is next year, but development issues might mean it's pushed to 2021.

Source: Comicbook

Do You Know That You Can Convert Your Xbox Live sub into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Just $1? Here's How

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  • Microsoft Xbox Live sub into Game Pass Ultimate for $1
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 Subscription

While we enjoy the new improvement Microsoft is putting on its Xbox game pass service recently, with new features like expanding to Nintendo Switch and PC
Right now, the company has begun promoting what it calls a "lifehack" that allows gamers to upgrade to an Ultimate subscription for just $1, yes you heard us a buck only. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass into one subscription, giving you online multiplayer features and access to more than 100 games for both console and PC. An Ultimate subscription costs $14.99 per month. 

So if you've already got an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass membership, right now, you can upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 for the first month. And if you upgrade, the upper months on your subscription will be converted to Ultimate for up to 3 years. Microsoft also made it clear to everyone: "For example, if you have 6 months of Xbox Live Gold and 3 months of Xbox Game Pass on your account, upgrading with the $1, the upgrade will give you a total of 10 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate."

Source: Engadget

Nintendo Insider: Emily Rogers Unfold The Real Truth Behind The Awaiting Switch Pro

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  • Emily Rogers Unfold The Real Truth Behind The Awaiting Switch Pro
  • Emily Rogers No Super Powerful Switch Coming

As we exult on the new Nintendo Switch Lite which was revealed a week ago. Nintendo Insider Emily Rogers just revealed the truth behind our awaiting switch pro. 

She made it clear that the upgraded Nintendo Switch model with longer battery life that is coming next Month, is the Pro version we been waiting for.

According to Emily Rogers, the information she heard and what the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year which many called the “Nintendo Switch Pro” is essentially the upgraded Nintendo Switch model with improved components that increase its battery life.

Rogers also told her followers not to expect a “super powerful Nintendo Switch” this year.

August 2019 PS Plus Free Games Leaked

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  • August 2019 PS Plus Free Games Leaked
  • PS Plus Free Games August 2019

We have few weeks to get into August, but it looks like we're getting some astonish news ahead of the month. August 2019 PS Plus games have been leaked ahead of schedule. Holy moly!!
The month is running out, guess we're so overwhelm with sweet moment of testing out the July 2019 PlayStation Plus free games, featuring, Horizon Chase Turbo and PES 2019. Instead, Sony suddenly changed their mind and decided to pull  off PES 2019 from the lineup and replace it with Detroit: Become Human such a heart broken move for some fans.
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August 2019 PS Plus Free Games 

A rumor claims that two EA games will be up for grabs next month. As seen on Glitched Africa, one fan has apparently witnessed both Star Wars: Battlefront II and UFC 3 featured as free in the PlayStation Store.

While UFC 4 is in the works, it doesn’t appear to be on the horizon for at least until next year. Therefore, we will stick with UFC 3 till the releasing of the 4 next month.

Star Wars Battlefront II, is also on the list. As the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will launch on November 15.

Source: Glitched Africa

PS4 Firmware 6.72 Update Is Now Available to Download

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  • PS4 Firmware Update 6.72 Is Now Available to Download
  • PS4 Firmware 6.72 Update

Sony just released update 6.72 for PlayStation 4.That's right, you can now download the very latest system software patch to get your PS4 console bang up to date. If this doesn't get you excited to play some games in the middle of July, nothing will.

So, what does this most scintillating of revelations have in store for us all? Could the optional update contain some useful new features? Is it preparing your PS4 for something even bigger? Holy moly does this darn firmware update do, exactly? Without exaggerating more here are the patch notes in full.

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  • This system software update improves system performance
Marvellous. We've been provided with yet another update that improves the performance of our consoles. At the end of the day, after all the wishful thinking about oft-requested features, performance improvements are of the utmost importance.

Source: PushSquare

Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Says: The Game Will Still Look Amazing On Low-End PCs

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  • Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Says: The Game Will Still Look Amazing On Low-End PCs
  • Cyberpunk 2077 Will Look Amazing On Low-End PCs

The game everyone is waiting for, the developers keeps giving us more hope info. Few months we heard a news that over 400 developers are working on the game. Recently, In an interview with Wccftech Liu spoke a little bit about how the team is working to optimise Cyberpunk 2077 for consoles and lower-end hardware. Probably one of the best news we ever heard. For a huge game like that to run perfectly in both high and low end PC's.

He also revealed that CD Projekt RED’s custom engine, the RED Engine, will help to ensure Cyberpunk is a looker no matter what you choose to play it on. That’s not to say it won’t look even better on more expensive, capable PCs of course.

Liu Said:
  • We have a very custom engine, the RED Engine. And actually, we’re targeting consoles as first-class platforms and it looks amazing there. So obviously, if you spent, you know, $2,000 building your PC rig, it’s going to look better on that. But the graphics are quite amazing for what you’re going to get from Cyberpunk 2077 on consoles and low-end PCs.

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Also Liu’s comments suggest we could be seeing Cyberpunk 2077 hit the Next-Gen consoles in addition to PS4 and Xbox One, we don’t know for sure yet. However, in an interview with VG247 last year, CD Projekt Red president Adam KiciƄski did say that Cyberpunk 2077 will be compatible with future gaming technology. 
  • Next gen hasn’t been announced yet, so we can only speculate. Technology-wise, Cyberpunk is very advanced. Our technology is ready to interface with future generations. The game is developed in such a way that it can use very powerful future equipment.

Trending: Nintendo Is Updating Their CPU On The Main Switch

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  • Nintendo Is Updating Their CPU On The Main Switch
  • Original Switch CPU/SoC Update

While we are celebrating the reveal of the switch lite, Nintendo has quietly made a request to make some changes to the original Nintendo Switch. These new changes include..a new chip and processor that could theoretically improve the performance of the original Switch. 
According to The Verge, Nintendo submitted a new filing to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requesting permission to alter an existing device. In this case to make changes to FCC ID: BKEHAC001, which refers to the original Nintendo Switch. 
Nintendo requested a Class II permissive change in order update the system-on-chip (SoC), NAND Memory type, and CPU Board. This means Nintendo is looking to at least update the Nvidia Tegra processor, or the Switch’s SoC, for a newer one. While we continue, have a look at the switch lite below if you haven't seen it.

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Nintendo’s existing Tegra X1 processor is hardly outdated, but a new chip could be necessary for manufacturing and price reasons a newer chip could speed up games, decrease load times, and improve battery life. Nintendo also said that the Switch Lite will use a new, more power-efficient chip layout that “slightly” improves batter life.

Source: The Verge

Nintendo Has Officially Revealed The Nintendo Switch Lite: Here's The Features And Release Date

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  • Nintendo Has Officially Revealed The Nintendo Switch Lite: Here's The Features And Release Date
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Specs And Release Date Revealed

Nintendo has just announced the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is portable focused edition of the Nintendo Switch. But unfortunately it does not connect to a TV. It also has no detachable Joy-Cons, and it has a smaller 720p screen that measures 5.5-inches. The Nintendo Switch Lite will retail for $200.

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The big N switch lite will arrive on September 20th in three different colors.

Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online To Add Rewind Feature

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  • Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online To Add Rewind Feature
  • Nintendo Switch Online Rewind Feature

Nintendo Switch Entertainment are planning to bring in a rewind feature to live. According to them on July 17, a rewind feature will be available to use with the NES- Nintendo Switch Online games.

Allowing players to easily rewind gameplay by pressing and holding ZL+ZR if they make mistake or just want to retry a section of the game. Without exaggerating more have a look at the video below.

Source: Youtube

What Can I do If My Nintendo Switch Suddenly Displays Blue Screen? Here's What To Do

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  • How To Fix Nintendo Switch suddenly Blue Screen Display
  • Fix Nintendo Switch Blue Screen Display

Have you ever experienced this? Seeing your Nintendo Switch suddenly displays the Blue Screen?

Although it’s something that doesn’t happen frequently, some users have experienced it upon turning on their Nintendo Switch, which no one has a clue about.

Fortunately, Nintendo has a solution – if you ever encounter the Blue Screen on your switch console, first try holding the Power button for 12 seconds and more to turn off the system. After turning off the system, turn it on again, and the issue should have been resolved.
If this method doesn’t work, it means there’s a much more serious issue and your Switch will have to be sent in for a proper review.

Source: 1, 2.

AMD Radeon RX 5700 Review Just Leaked Ahead Of The Revealing Date

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  • AMD Radeon RX 5700, The Review Just Leaked Ahead Of The Revealing Date
  • AMD Redeon RX 5700 Review

While we're waiting for Radeon RX 5700 series reviews which will be available on July 7th, alongside AMD Ryzen 3000 series and X570 motherboards. A review was published by accident by a Polish site called Benchmark.

The review was conducted with early drivers, as explained in the screenshot below. Apparently, these drivers do not even support overclocking. Hence, the results may not correspond to the final performance. Without exaggerating more, have a look below.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – 2560 x1440, highest settings

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – 1920 x 1080, highest settings

Far Cry 5 – 2560 x1440, ultra settings

Far Cry 5 – 1920 x 1080, ultra settings

Wolfenstein II The New Colossus – 2560 x1440, Mein Leben! settings

Wolfenstein II The New Colossus – 1920 x1080, Mein Leben! settings

3DMark Time Spy (DX12) – GPU score

3DMark Time Spy (DX12) – Overall score

3DMark Fire Strike (DX11) – GPU score

3DMark Fire Strike (DX11) – overall score

Full System Power Consumption with Core i9-9900K CPU (gameplay)

Source: 1,2,3
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