The Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables

Importants of eating fruits and vegetables

Friday, 9 February 2018

/ by Kevin smith

The Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eight servings of fruits and vegetables for a person per day. Fresh fruits and vegetables are vitamins-packed and if adequately taken, provided all the vitamins and nutrients our body required to be healthy and fit. Fresh fruits and are low in calories. They are equally rich in fibre. 

What is  Fibre? Fibre is essential to prevent constipation, control blood sugar levels, reduces a person's risk of developing diseases such as diabetes hypertension, certain cancers and heart diseases. Where fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium, they may reduce the risks of kidney stones and help strengthen bones.

Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables

All fruits and vegetables are good and have their different benefits and functions to the body, but mention must be made here of some that we should take as often as possible.

Apple: "One apple a day keeps the doctor away" (and a second apple in the evening adds a laxative action). This proverb is still true today. Apple (especially the red one) is an excellent fruit that:

- Cleanses the liver.

- Stimulate the muscles and nerves.

- Normalizes blood sugar.

- Decreases appetite.

- Combats intestinal infection

- Enhances digestion 

- Reduces blood cholesterol

- Has laxative properties.

Other the pawpaw, guava, carrot (better cooked ) fresh tomatoes, green pepper, water melon, cucumber, lettuce and beet root.

Garlic: This is one thing that must be included in our daily menu. Though many avoid it because of its strong smell and flavour, it performs the following amazing functions in the body are

- Is a natural antibiotic.

- Removes excess cholesterol.

- Ensures free blood flow and so reduce the risks of heart attack & high blood pressure.

- Inhibits growth of cancerous cells.

- Enables the efficacy of high blood pressure drugs.

The smell from raw or cooked garlic can easily be expelled by eating fresh tomatoes after taking it. Its use to the body far outweighs the idea of its smell. Keep taking fruits and vegetables and we ensure you a healthy happy life.

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