Romotow a Trailer Designed as USB Drive

Romotow a Trailer Inspired by USB Drive

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

/ by Kevin Smith

Meet the Romotow a trailer inspired by a USB drive.

This is one of the amazing trailer we've ever seen, the romotow trailer was being realized, six years after it was first put forward by a New-Zealand based architectural firm W2 and was built with Tech experience.

The romotow is said to be inspired by a USB drive and has a central hosting space that extends outward at the touch of a button.

The trailer measures about 30 feet long by 8.5 feet wide when closed, is Designed to fit into a standard lot at a camp site and boasts a living space of 290 square meters. Inside contains everything you need A Kitchenette, bathroom and bed while the foldout area allows owners to have a sheltered outside that if you wanna cool off and enjoy fresh air that's the section for it.

The Romotow is quite expensive though it packs in price at $350,000 and the company ships the trailer to their buyers from the factory.

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