Tesla’s Model 3 Electric Sedan Review Price and Features

Tesla Model 3 Model S And Model X Electric Cars Price And Features Review

Friday, 14 December 2018

/ by Kevin smith

  • Tesla’s Model 3 Electric Sedan Review Price and Features
  • Tesla Model 3 Electric Sedan Price
  • Tesla 3 Review Price And Features
  • Best Electric Cars 2019/2020 Tesla 3
  • Cheap Electric Cars
  • Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X Price And Features 

We're in the century where electric cars will surpass gasoline cars, we can't wait to see our world turn with electric cars no more air pollution and gas station, just like living in another technology world.

Ever Since the launching of Model S luxury car in 2012, Tesla has made itself a name as a maker of desirable and sporty electric vehicles. Though, these vehicle remains pain-in-the-ass for some people as it comes with a high prices the new Tesla Model 3 comes in with an outstanding price and Features.

Tesla Model S and the Model X SUV  price will range from about £50,000 when it finally lands in the UK towards the middle of next year (that's before the Government's £3500 grant for electric cars is taken into account), thereby making it slightly cheaper than any other Tesla. As it is, even the cheaper versions of the Model 3 should be made available later in 2019, taking the car's price tag down to around £35,000.

Perhaps the name suggests, it is the third car to join Tesla’s recent line-up, but definitely the fourth because the company opened for business in 2008, the first being the Tesla Roadster which was sold from 2008 to 2012.

The Model 3 will be joined by the new Model Y family SUV and the second-generation Roadster in 2020. 

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Tesla Model 3 comes in two variants The first version is a long-range Model 3 that is a four-wheel drive can travel for up to 338 miles on a single charge, based on what we figured out, and it reaches 60mph from a standing start in 5.1sec. It has a top speed of 140mph.

While the other model version can cover 330 miles between charges and also covers the same 0-60mph sprint in 3.5sec. On our research we found out that the Model 3 has greater range, than cheaper electric car like the Renault Zoe.

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While the Model S offers four variants: the rear-wheel-drive 75, the four-wheel-drive 75D, the range-focused 100D and the performance-focused P100D.

Precisely, every Model features a 15.0in touchscreen, with everything from the multimedia to the air conditioning to the car settings are all controlled through it. This removes the need for physical buttons on the dashboard, and our experiences in the Model S and Model X suggest it will definitely be user-friendly.

Other features include Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, internet audio streaming, a rear-view camera, two USB ports and keyless entry. A premium upgrades package brings electrically modifiable heated seats, an improved stereo and a revised centre console with two smartphone docks, Autopilot driver assistance system, an extra package to allow 'full self-driving capability' in the future is also available.

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