A 13 year old boy builds a house with only $1500: The House Structure Will Blow Your Mind Off

A 13 year old boy builds a house with only $1500: The World Cheapest House

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

/ by Kevin smith

  • A 13 Year Old Boy Builds A House With Only $1500: The House Structure Will Blow Your Mind Off
  • A 13 Year Old Boy Builds A House With Only $1500
  • Cheapest House In The World Cost $1500
  • $1500 House Built By 13 Years Old American Boy
  • The World Cheapest House $1500

Luke Thill 13 years old boy from Dubuque, Iowa, in United States, just set a record. He brought an idea of building the world cheapest house. He gathered enough materials to start the actual building process. 

Through all of his odd jobs around the neighborhood and some savings, he pulled together a total of $1,500 for his tiny house project. For someone so young that is pretty impressive.

You might be thinking the house looks decent from the outside but asking what could possibly be inside and is it livable. The answer is yes! Prepare to be impressed. The tiny home includes a kitchen, living area, dining area and a separate bedroom. The house even had electricity.

The living room, though it is small, is decked out with a couch and a TV. Sounds like every teenager’s dream. Luke’s parents deemed the tiny house acceptable as well. 

The kitchen is equipped with a small fridge, an electric stove top, and bottled water. Luke even laid floor linoleum on the walls to give it a tiled look. The kitchen even has multiple power outlets! But you’ll never believe what’s in the house. Take a look at the video when his showing off his house.

When asked why he decided to build the tiny house, apart from summer boredom, Luke Thill said something very un-teenager-like. He stated that he “wanted to have a house without a huge mortgage.” We don’t think those words have ever been uttered by a 13-year-old. 

Not only is the home super cheap, but it’s environmentally friendly! Maybe if we all lived more simply and in smaller houses, we would have more money, less stress and just live happier lives in general. The fact that Luke Thill managed to put together such a project on his own is impressive enough, but his young age makes it all the more admirable. 

Having a miniature home doesn’t mean you can’t have people come over for dinner. Though Luke admitted cooking in his tiny home proves to be a little tricky as the place fills up with steam pretty fast, he doesn’t let it stop him from having dinner parties. Obviously, being a first time builder means not all things turn out perfectly. 

Luke admits that he made some errors building his tiny house, including the infamous counter top spill. Luke also said that the tiny house he built was really a practice tiny house. He will use all the skills he learned from the process of making the first house to help him build a larger and more efficient tiny house in the future. 

Luke plans to build that house within the next few years and plans to live in that one full time. He also plans on selling his current tiny home to help finance the building of his next permanent tiny house. He stated that he will be documenting the building of his next tiny house on YouTube just like the first. What a brainer, What an astounding creativity from this teenage boy.

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