Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Adds Deadpool to the Roster

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets Deadpool

Sunday, 20 January 2019

/ by Travis Jones

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Adds Deadpool to the Roster In Mod Version
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets Deadpool
  • Deadpool Comes In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Deadpool is added in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with this mod, is something y'all really need to take a look at. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is beyond epic. With a massive roster that is only going to grow throughout the year and a wonderful single-player mode.

 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets Deadpool

Modders, these folks has made today's software an easy-oar. Like the old said never underestimate the power of modders, they can mod a game even more greater better.

The latest mod embrace the popular fighting game on Nintendo Switch and showcased the mighty Deadpool. Who better to break this particular wall down than the chimichanga-loving, The Smiths-listenin' man himself? Take a look at the video below and see how the mod Deadpool unleash his ability.

What makes it even better though and wildly appropriate that this is the fighter reskined is Snake's arsenal of weaponry and penchant for explosives. Since Deadpool likes to go out with a bang himself, the two are better suited than many might realise right off the bat.

Even though the game just recently came out, the modders immediately went to work on ways to make it more fitted to individual desires. I mean who doesn't like mod games? Obviously nobody. What are your thoughts on this mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Who are you hoping gets revealed next as a new fighter? Join the conversation below feel free to drop your own opinion.


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