NBA 2K19: This Is How To Get Updated OffSeason Rosters On PS4 And Xbox One

NBA 2K19: How To Get Updated Offseason Rosters On PS4 And Xbox One

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

/ by Travis Jones

  • NBA 2K19: This Is How To Get Updated OffSeason Rosters On PS4 And Xbox One
  • Get Updated OffSeason Rosters NBA 2k19 On PS4 And Xbox One

Precisely, NBA is the league that never truly has an offseason, it’s only right NBA 2K offers its fans the ability to update rosters with every transaction and to create draft classes to keep all the teams up to date. 

So, the NBA Draft is in the books and the free agency kicked off with a bang on Sunday.  What can we call this? 2k19pro? Haha kidding.. This one will definitely serve you till the NBA 2K20 releases in September. Here is the information you need to download the best offseason rosters for both consoles.

From the main menu, head over to options. Select that and then scroll to create roster. Click user-created roster and you should be able to find both of the rosters I’m referencing below because both are among the most downloaded options. If not, you can press the triangle or Y buttons to search by creator name or PSN ID/Gamertag.

  • PS4 Creator: Professor 2K
  • PS4 ID: Professor2kPS
  • Xbox Creator: BryanDfor3
  • Gamertag: BryanDfor3

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All of the draft picks that are expected to be a part of their teams’ season-opening rosters are already in place. As for the free agents, both rosters are being updated regularly, so it will be consistently changing throughout the offseason.

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